TOP 5 Fun Insurance Events

According to analysts, the annual increase in insurance premiums in the world in 2019-2026 will be 2.9%. It means that the global insurance market will grow faster than the increase in global GDP in the same amplitude.

An analytical report of the Swiss appraisal company Swiss Appraisal demonstrates that the annual expenses of mankind on insurance have already reached $ 4.6 trillion. Moreover, a large part of these expenses belongs to the USA, where people pay more than $ 1.5 trillion for insurance annually.

The most active humanity insure their own lives. This total takes up to $ 1.9 trillion annually. Property insurance is much cheaper – up to $ 1.2 trillion. While medical insurance is about $ 0.8 trillion.

However, STOP – it is so boring… It is better to read something fun! For example, “Top 5 fun insurance events”

Insurers are faced with curiosities, original requests of stars and incredible coincidences. Often people behave frivolously and unpredictably, which leads to the most unusual insured events.

1. Strange insurance of celebrities

Many worldwide known stars insure parts of the body and even voice. For example, Jennifer Lopez’s buttocks insured for $ 300 million, as follows from the “noisy” version of this event, or “only” for $ 27 million, as indicated in other sources. Mariah Carey insured her feet for an unthinkable $ 1 billion or spent less “only 70 million” – together with her voice. Of course, celebrities do not show this information to the public, so you have to take the word for the news.

2. Animal Attack

Many customers smile at “non-core” risks in car insurance, such as “animal attack”. It would seem, what animals, where to get them, why should they attack the cars? But there are a variety of situations. For example, once a horse in Arizona was frightened, escaped from the hands of his companion and, in a panic, trampled with her front legs on the hood of a parked car. The horse was not injured. But the expensive car was, fortunately, insured, and the repairs were made by the insurance company.

3. A human bite

Sometimes it happens when animality takes precedence over the human. “In the practice of the one insurance company, there was an insured event – the injury of a person from the bite of another person,” tells the general director for claims settlement and service of the insurance company, John Walker. – According to the contract, only animal bites were recognized as an insurance event. But our company decided to make a payment to the affected client as an exception. We decided that a person who bites can be equated to an animal.

4. Car stilling together with documents

The most stupid mistakes are when the client leaves the documents or the keys in his car and loses them together with car. He significantly facilitates the task of the hijacker. Moreover, such a person cannot expect the payment. Although there was a case when, in Italy, a US resident on an expensive car drove up to his hotel and handed the keys to the parking attendant, who turned out to be a thief dressed in a hotel uniform. But he was lucky, the insurance company made a payment to the client, as for hijacking.

5. The trouble with alcohol intoxication

The most expensive thing is to look for trouble on a drunken head – such cases are not insurance. For example, one of the tourists in Turkey fell from the balcony of the third floor of the hotel and obviously was injured. The medical records indicated 3 ppm alcohol in the blood – this is a stage of severe intoxication. Medical expenses amounted to about 10 thousand dollars.

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